Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn
United Kingdom
Boulevard Retail Park, Redfield Way, Lenton NG7 2UW
0115 845 4300

Dusk Till Dawn Features

  • Cash Game Action
  • Tournament Series'
  • Daily Tournaments
  • Pot-Limit Omaha

Dusk Till Dawn Details

Room manager 
Ryan Brodsky 
[email protected] 

Dusk Till Dawn General Information

Dusk Till Dawn is the biggest and most popular casino and poker room in the United Kingdom, and is affectionately known as "The Home of British Poker." Dusk Till Dawn, often abbreviated to DTD, opened in 2007 and has since grown into one of the best poker rooms globally.

The story goes that Rob Yong and Nick Whiten wanted to play a poker tournament in Nottingham, United Kingdom, but arrived late and were not allowed to play. The pair headed off into the night and decided to create their own poker room. Much battling later, and Dusk Till Dawn was born.

Yong has often played down Dusk Till Dawn, referring to it as "a warehouse in a Nottingham industrial estate," but it is much much more than that. It is a haven, a Mecca even, for poker players the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and much further afield, on occasion.

Many top poker tours have held festivals at Dusk Till Dawn, including the PokerStars UKIPT, the World Poker Tour, and partypoker LIVE. These are in addition to the many daily tournaments, weekly and monthly events, and annual series that Dusk Till Dawn runs under its own steam.

Dusk Till Dawn features a well-stocked bar, and a handful of slots but the venue is focused on poker so there are no casino table games installed. High rollers can compete in the luxurious private Trickett's Room, named in honour of British poker legend Sam Trickett.

Dusk Till Dawn Tournaments

Dusk Till Dawn is the place to be if you love competing in poker tournaments. When we say there is something for everyone we are not exaggerating. Depending on the date and time, you can find tournaments from as little as £3, as high as £10,000, and everything else in between.

The club is partnered with partypoker LIVE so you can win your way into many of the DTD tournaments via satellites held online at partypoker.

DTD prides itself on being a poker club for the players, which is why blind structures are up there with the best in the business, in addition to having limited late registration, and reduced re-entries.

Dusk Till Dawn Promotions

Another benefit of playing at Dusk Till Dawn is the cash game promotions offered, including a "Cash Spinner" promotion where you can with up £2,500 in cash prizes.

Here's how it works: any player sitting at a cash game table when a draw takes place could be selected to spin the Cash Spinner. Draw times take place at multiple points throughout the day depending on the day of the week, so be sure to stay in your seat if you want a chance to spin.

Any player who gets randomly selected to spin has the option of choosing between "Hero & Zero." Choosing the "Zero" option earns the player an instant £75 cash and if they spin a zero it will double to £150. Choosing "Hero," meanwhile, allows the player to spin the wheel as normal and win up to £2,500.

Is there poker at Dusk Till Dawn?

Yes, Dusk Till Dawn is one of the most popular casinos around the world and has become the premiere poker destination in the United Kingdom. With both cash games and tournaments at various stakes, Dusk Till Dawn is a great place to find poker action.

Are there cash games at Dusk Till Dawn?

Yes, Dusk Till Dawn Stakes has cash games running 'round the clock. These games start as low as £1/£1 and increase to £5/£5, while higher buy-in games are run on request.

Are there cash game promotions at Dusk Till Dawn?

Yes, like many casinos and card rooms, Dusk Till Dawn offers high-hand promotions for its cash game players. One such promotion is the "Hero & Zero," where players can win up to £2,500.

Are there poker tournaments at Dusk Till Dawn?

Yes, in addition to cash games, Dusk Till Dawn both offers daily tournaments and hosts a number of tournament festivals, including PokerStars UKIPT, the World Poker Tour, and partypoker LIVE.

Where is Dusk Till Dawn?

Dusk Till Dawn is located in Nottingham and has become affectionately known as "The Home of British Poker." The card room is located on the edge of the city in Boulevard Retail Park.

Poker Tournament Calendar

Tournament / event Starts Ends Buy-in Fee
DTD 100 / DTD Easter Cup 2023-04-05 2023-05-10
No Limit Hold'em - DTD 100 Live - Day 1A 2023-04-05 £ 100 £ 20
No Limit Hold'em - DTD100 Live Day 1A 2023-04-05 £ 100 £ 20
No Limit Hold'em - DTD100 Live Day 1B 2023-04-06 £ 100 £ 20
No Limit Hold'em - DTD100 Live Day 1C 2023-04-07 £ 100 £ 20
No Limit Hold'em - DTD100 Live Day 1D 2023-04-07 £ 100 £ 20
No Limit Hold'em - DTD100 Live Day 1E 2023-04-08 £ 100 £ 20
No Limit Hold'em - DTD100 Live Day 1F 2023-04-08 £ 100 £ 20
DTD100 Live Final Day 2023-04-09 £ 0 £ 0
No Limit Hold'em - DTD Easter Cup Day 1A 2023-04-09 £ 220 £ 30
No Limit Hold'em - DTD Easter Cup Day 1B Turbo 2023-04-09 £ 220 £ 30
DTD Easter Cup Final Day 2023-04-10 £ 0 £ 0
+ 50 No Limit Hold'em - DTD Easter Big Bounty 2023-04-10 £ 50 £ 20
No Limit Hold'em - Easter Turbo 2023-04-10 £ 50 £ 10

Cash Games

Dusk Till Dawn Cash Games

There are always cash games running at Dusk Till Dawn. Stakes start at £1/£1 and increase to £5/£5, although higher buy-in games run on request.

There is a 10% rake in the £1/£1 and £1/£2 cash games that caps at £6, while the £2/£5 and £5/£5 games feature a 5% rake capped at £10 or £15, depending on the game.

While straddles are not permitted in the £1/£1 games, a max of one straddle is allowed in the higher stakes games.

List of Dusk Till Dawn Cash Games

StakesGameMin Buy-inMax Buy-inRakeCapStraddles
£1/£1NLHE£50£15010%£6Not permitted
£1/£2NLHE£100£50010%£6Max 1
£2/£5NLHE£300£1,500*5%£15Max 1
£1/£1PLO£50£15010%£6Not permitted
£1/£1 DeepPLO£100£300*10%£6Not permitted
£2/£2PLO£200£1,000*5%£10Max 1 (£5)
£5/£5PLO£500n/a5%£15Max 1

* or half the biggest stack if larger

Other Cash Game Info

Maximum 2 Free - then £5 per hand.

Run it Twice+
Always raked to pot size before runouts

Short Handed
New Game: No rake until 5 players (maximum half an hour)

Established Games:

  • 4 handed = £4 Cap
  • 3 handed = £3 Cap
  • Heads Up = £2 Cap

The Dusk Till Dawn cash game page states that "Excluding £1/£1 games, the floor will reserve the right to increase a table maximum sitdown to half of the biggest stack if it is the senior game on the evening."