The Best Rewards to Find on PokerStars Play

PokerStars Play Rewards

To some extent, a new kid on the free online games block, PokerStars Play is one of our favorite free social poker apps available to play right now. You can quickly and easily get involved in some top poker games, as well as some great online slots.

This is all well and good (and the games are really good, trust me), but how about some nice rewards to go along your gaming, ALL FOR FREE? Well in this article, we’re going to outline the best rewards and freebies available on PokerStars Play.

Just before we continue, a quick word on loyalty schemes. These programs or player rewards are common with online casinos, but we were quite pleased to see that PokerStars Play have a special experience to offer loyal players. We’ll go into detail during our article, but suffice to say there are points on offer for anyone playing a poker game, as well as one of the many slots available and additional games included in the app. The more points you earn, the higher you’ll climb up the VIP program. This then leads to more and more benefits, as you rank higher and higher.

PokerStars Play is available worldwide, including in the United States and Australia, but please be aware that it doesn’t include real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

PokerStars Play Daily Log-In Rewards

The first rewards you’re likely to encounter as a new player on PokerStars Play, are the Daily Log-In Rewards. If these sound incredibly easy to earn – that’s cos they are!

Put simply, for the first 7 days of being a PokerStars Play user, you can claim a reward every time you login to the app. You’ll see the reward icon in the top right of the screen on the main app lobby, and all you need to do is tap the icon and hit ‘Collect’ for that day’s reward. The reward itself comes in the form of Experience Points which go towards your total. These can be redeemed for benefits.

You’ll also see a push notification on your mobile device, when there is a log-in reward waiting for you. So there’s no excuse to miss out!

PokerStars Play Daily Login Rewards

Rewards from Free & Premium Scratchers on PokerStars Play

Scratchers or ‘scratchcards’ are a great feature to see on a casino app, so how does the PokerStars Play version match up?

The scratchers included in the PokerStars Play App come in two varieties:

Free Scratchers
Anyone playing on PokerStars Play is rewarded with a Free Scratcher every day. You’ll see your Free Scratcher waiting for you in the main lobby when you login to the app.
When you load up a scratcher, you’ll need to scratch off the symbols on the card on screen. Match 3 symbols and you’ll win!

You can also earn an extra Free Scratcher by watching an ad video, and you’ll have the option for this directly on the Scratcher screen.

Premium Scratchers
As well as the Free Scratcher, you have the option to purchase Premium Scratchers. These are a nice touch, as they are a simple way to increase the rewards you can get. Premium Scratchers can be purchased via redeeming some of your chip count.

If you’re lucky enough to have reached the VIP Level Shark and higher, you’ll automatically get a Premium Scratcher every 4 days.

The PokerStars Play League Rewards

For anyone who feels that competitive itch needing to be scratched when playing poker, the Poker Leagues on PokerStars Play will surely be right up your street. The Leagues run in a Season format lasting one week at a time, and players are automatically entered for a specific division with the aim of being the best at your level.

PokerStars Play Leaderboard

How does this link to rewards? Simple – the higher your league position, the more chance you have of getting rewarded. Your placement in your league is governed by how many chips you have accumulated through gameplay in that season. Finish in the Top Bracket of your league, and you’ll get promoted to the next league. If you’re lucky enough to be promoted, not only will you receive a badge to indicate your rank, but you’ll also receive free chips to be used in your next season.

PokerStars Play VIP Elite Rewards

VIP Elite is effectively the loyalty reward scheme that PokerStars Play uses. Players can earn VIP Points for performing different actions, such as purchasing chips or spinning the Bonus Spin Wheel.

The more VIP Points you earn, the higher tier you will attain and the better the benefits you will receive. The table below details the different tiers, the benefits, and benefit level available for each:

Welcome Bonus-100k1M5M
Wheel Bonus+5%+20%+40%+60%
Chips Buy Bonus+5%+10%+15%+20%
Gold Bonus-+5%+10%+15%
Daily Bonus+20%+50%+100%+150%

PokerStars Play Challenges

The Challenges included on PokerStars Play present an opportunity to quickly and easily earn rewards within the app. Challenges are presented to players on a daily and weekly basis – 3 daily and 1 weekly challenge.

Completing these challenges provides you with chips to use on the different PokerStars Play poker games and slots. So whilst they’re not rewards in the truest sense, they are a useful and simple way to earn more chips which will then lead to more rewards, should you use these chips to play and win!

How to Get Started on PokerStars Play

Hopefully by now, you have a good idea of the rewards available when starting to play with PokerStars Play. Luckily if you’ve not yet signed-up, it extremely easy.

  • The PokerStars Play app is available in over 80 countries across the world, so the best first step is to head to either the Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOs) and see if the app is available for you.
  • Download the app directly from the correct store for your device.
  • Sign-up and enter your details to become a PokerStars Play user.
  • Head to the main lobby and choose your game!
  • Check out our guide to the best rewards available right now on PokerStars Play. Download the app, play poker and casino games, and start to climb the Leaderboard!

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