PokerStars Play - The Top 5 Best Games You Have to Play

PokerStars Play Best Games

PokerStars Play offers players around the world a chance to play FREE online poker and casino games. However, with such a vast array of exciting games to spend your free chips on, which games are the best? Here are the top 5 best PokerStars Play games that you have to play.

What is PokerStars Play?

Launched in 2017, PokerStars Play is a free app to play Texas Hold’em games available for Android and iOS users. However, over the years it developed further and now offers players globally a chance to play free online poker and casino games against other players around the world.

PokerStars Play only uses free chips. While you can make in-app purchases to buy extra chips, there are no real money games available to play. What you can do is practice poker in a risk-free environment, try all the latest slot games and compete against players throughout the world to try top the ranking leagues.

Remember: The PokerStars Play app lets you play for play money only. In case you want to play for real money and you live in a country where you are allowed to do so, just head to the PokerStars website!

How Does PokerStars Play Work?

PokerStars Play works as a free app where each day, you can earn free chips through quizzes, scratchcards and free bonuses to play all your favorite poker and casino games.

First, you need to download the app. To do so, visit the App Store for iOS or the Play Store for Android, search ‘PokerStars Play’ and select download. Once you have it, you need to open a gaming account. The process is stupid-simple and it won't take you more than 30 seconds to go through it. The best part? As soon as the account is set, you get 50,000 FREE chips to play your first games as a no-deposit bonus! Can you turn that 50,000 into a million?

How Good is the PokerStars Play App?

The PokerStars Play app is a fun way to play some risk-free games at the world's largest poker room.

With online poker being still under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006 (UIGEA), this cute social app is your best chance to savor the poker days of old. From the crazy Scandinavians who will raise every hand to the loose and impatient Italians who will spend more time in the in-game chat than actually thinking about the best ways to play their hands, PokerStars Play is a great app to have.

#5. Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is a hugely popular variation on the classical game of Texas Hold’em Poker, but with a few exciting differences. Find out more about Omaha Poker, how to play it on PokerStars Play and just why you have to play this game.

What is Omaha Poker on PokerStars Play?

Omaha Poker is a form of poker that follows the same concepts as regular Texas Hold’em, however, it’s even more drama-filled and packed with action.

The main difference is that you have four hole cards instead of the standard two. The community cards are the same, with three on the flop, one on the turn and one on the river, but you must use exactly two hole cards and exactly three community cards to make the best possible hand. Therefore, if you have four aces as your hole cards, you do not have four-of-a-kind, but rather just a pair of aces - as you can only use two of your four hole cards. Equally, if all five community cards are hearts, you do not have a flush unless you are holding two hearts yourself in your hole cards.

Play Omaha Poker on PokerStars Play

PokerStars Play is the perfect app to play Omaha Poker on, especially if you’re a beginner to the game. With buy-ins to suit all skill levels, you don’t even have to wager large amounts of your free chips. Simply choose the buy-in that you’re happy to compete at, take on multiple opponents at the table and build up your Omaha knowledge. If you’ve played Omaha before, or if you feel ready to take on the higher stakes, there are plenty of tables available to join with large buy-ins.

#4 - Poker Quiz

Play PokerStars Play’s fun quiz mini-game and earn free chips to play online poker and slot games. It’s not just about the prizes though. PokerStars Play’s free quizzes will also develop your basic poker knowledge, helping you learn the fundamentals of the game. Here’s more about PokerStars Play’s mini-game quizzes.

PokerStars Play Quiz

What are PokerStars Play Quizzes?

PokerStars Play quiz is a mini-game option where players can win free chips. The concept is simple - three lives, 10 seconds per question and a load of bonus free chips if you get enough questions right. The more questions you get right, the more free chips you can win, but be careful! The questions start off easy but get progressively more difficult. Put your poker knowledge to the test!

How to Play PokerStars Play Quizzes

To play PokerStars Play quizzes, go to the home screen menu, look in the bottom-left corner and select the question mark icon labeled ‘Quiz.’ This will then open the mini-game, where you can start answering questions and earning free chip rewards. Once your three lives have run out, you can either wait 24 hours for your hearts to be replenished OR buy three extra hearts for 20,000 chips.

So, while you can invest in more lives, you’re under no obligation to do so. All it is is poker questions and potentially a bucket load of free chips. What’s not to like? Play PokerStars Play’s quizzes now and use your knowledge to earn easy chips.

#3 - Scratchcards

Gone are the days where scratchcards are those dodgy freebies you get in papers where you win every time, but to claim your prize you have to jump through hoops and often pay a lot of money for the privilege. PokerStars Play offers FREE scratchcards where you can win real, free chip prizes, bonuses and rewards. Here’s how PokerStars Play scratchcards work.

What are PokerStars Play Scratchcards?

PokerStars Play scratchcards are fun ways to earn and win free chips. Each day, you’ll have a free scratchcard available to play for a chance to win up to 1 million free chips. Also, if you want more scratchcard action, you can purchase extra bonus cards and win up to 1 billion chips!

How to Win at PokerStars Play Scratchcards
Winning at PokerStars Play scratchcards is simple. PokerStars Play ones resemble traditional scratchcards in the sense that you need to reveal three matching symbols to win a prize. To scratch the card, rub your finger over it on your phone screen until all the symbols are revealed.

You aren’t guaranteed to win every time, but if you do the chips you win will be automatically added to your account balance, ready for you to play with.

#2 - Hold’em Poker

Hold’em Poker is by far the most popular and most played variant of poker in the world. Two hole cards, five community cards… may the best hand win. Here’s more about what Hold’em Poker is and why you have to give it a go at PokerStars Play.

What is Hold’em Poker?

Hold’em Poker, also known as No-limit Hold’em or Texas Hold’em, is perhaps the simplest poker game to learn and is the variant that most people think of when mentioning ‘poker.’

It starts with every player being dealt two hole cards, with a round of betting then commences. The hand is then either won (if only one player is left in the hand as all others have folded), or it will go to what’s called a ‘Flop’ if there is more than one person left in the hand. The flop is where three community cards are dealt. Another round of betting then begins before the turn card is dealt.

If both players are still in the hand, another round of betting occurs before the final river card comes and the ultimate round of betting begins. If two or more players are still left in the hand (haven’t folded) by the end of the river betting, we go to what’s called ‘Showdown’ where players reveal their cards and the one with the best hand wins all the chips in the pot that have accumulated over the multiple rounds of betting.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, the concept is easy to pick up and once you play a few hands you’ll get into the swing of things. HOWEVER, it’s not all just about the cards you’re dealt. Luck is a factor, but so too is deception and bluffing. Analyze your opponents’ play, pick the opportune moments to bluff and implement strategic thinking to defeat the opposition and take home the lucrative chip prizes on offer!

Play Hold’em Poker on PokerStars Play

Delve into the intriguing and lucrative world of poker, and battle against players worldwide when you play Poker on PokerStars Play.

PokerStars Play Hold’em Poker Tournaments

There are various different Hold’em Poker tournaments you can play on PokerStars Play. Regardless of how many chips you want to stake, there’s a tournament with the right buy-in for you. Battle your way through multiple opponents to be the last one standing and win huge chip prizes. What’s more, PokerStars Play hosts ‘Jackpot Tournaments,’ meaning even more chips are on offer with a chance to win 5,000x your buy-in!

PokerStars Play Hold’em Cash Games

PokerStars Play offers an array of different Hold’em cash game tables for you to play at. While tournaments offer intense action and nail-biting drama, cash games are slightly more relaxed - but still bring a whole lot of excitement to your virtual table.

True grinders of the game understand and appreciate the value of cash games in poker. They’re ideal environments to learn, practice and refine your poker skills. Once you feel comfortable, hit the cash game tables and truly prove your poker skill by grinding up your chips bankroll.

Buy in for as little as 4,000 chips and get your grind started. Equally, if you fancy quite literally upping the stakes and putting it all on the line, the high-roller tables have a buy-in of 2 billion chips - can you handle the high-stakes scene?

#1 - Wild Wild West 2120 Slot

Wild Wild West 2120 is a fun slot with bonus free games, four separate jackpots and scatter and wild symbols. Join in the action now and find out why Wild Wild West 2120 is a slot not to be missed on PokerStars Play.

What is the Wild Wild West 2120 Slot?

With 30 win paylines, scatter and wild symbols and a wacky, Wild-West theme, PokerStars Play’s Wild Wild West 2120 takes all the fundamentals of a classic, traditional slot game but adds a western-themed twist. Players can play this free slot from as little as 750 chips per spin, and each turn has a chance to win a ‘Grand Jackpot’ paying up to 5,000x the spin bet.

Wild Wild West 2120 Slot

Wild Wild West 2120 Slot Jackpots

Unlikely to win the Grand Jackpot? Perhaps. But the chances of you hitting any jackpot is much greater than you might think. As well as the Grand, there are also ‘Major,’ ‘Minor’ and ‘Mini’ Jackpots to be won that will boost your chip balance and give you a healthy top-up. While the Grand Jackpot is tough to win, the Mini Jackpot is hit often. How’s your luck? Will you be the next Grand, Major or Minor Jackpot winner on the Wild Wild West 2120 Slot, will you have to settle for the Mini Jackpot or will you be running cold and miss all four? Only one way to find out!

How to Win Jackpots on the Wild Wild West 2120 Slot on PokerStars Play

There are different requirements to win each different Wild Wild West 2120 jackpot on PokerStars Play. For all of them, though, you must hit five-of-a-kind (all five symbols are the same) for any picture symbol - numbered symbols do not count.

You win different jackpots based on which symbol you hit five-of-a-kind on. Another factor in determining which jackpot you’ll win is whether or not a Wild symbol is included in that 5-of-a-kind. If you do not use a Wild symbol, you will win either the Major or the Grand Wild Wild West 2120 Jackpot - depending on which specific symbol you have 5-of-a-kind of.

Wild Wild West 2120 Scatter and Wild Bonuses

The Wild Wild West 2120 Slot on PokerStars Play comes with exciting free spin bonuses that give you the opportunity to win a number of free games. It’s easy to win too! All you have to do is hit three Scatter symbols in one single spin and you’ll win five free spins. Hit four or five Scatter symbols and your free spin bonus increases.

This table shows the amount of free spins you can be awarded for the number of Scatter symbols hit:

Scatter Symbols HitFree Spins Awarded

What to do next

Heard enough? Then download the PokerStars Play App now! If you want to know more, then take a look at our full review of PokerStars Play.

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